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Terms of obtaining Turkey citizenship

Turkey is one of the countries gives citizenship after buying property under certain conditions. There are a number of terms for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which we have been stated below.

There are four ways to obtain Turkey citizenship;

  • By living in Turkey for five sequential years through a work permission.
  • By obtaining citizenship in special circumstances after getting a degree from a Turkish university.
  • By investing in real estate with a minimum value of $ 250,000 for at least three years
  • By three years of marriage to a Turkish citizen


Terms of obtaining Turkey citizenship

  • Marriage must be for family formation
  • The foreign spouse must not be a threat for Turkey’s national and public security
  • Buying a property worth at least $ 250,000 and not selling it for three years
  • Fixed investment of at least US $ 500,000
  • Creating job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens
  • Reduction of deposit required in Turkish banks from $ 3 million to $ 500,000

Therefore, it can be said that investing in real estate in Turkey is a guaranteed way to obtain Turkish citizenship in these circumstances.




Duration of obtaining full residence

After purchasing the approved property, the necessary documents must be submitted fully to Turkish government to complete its administrative process. The process of granting citizenship does not take more than three months on average.


Note: You can rent the purchased property and sell it after 3 years.


Necessary documents to obtain a residence permit

  • Residence permit application form
  • Certificate of Conformity (i.e. compliance of the property with the specifications for granting citizenship)
  • Original passport + photocopy (of the applicant)
  • 4 bio-metric personal photos (new)
  • Valid health insurance


Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange property purchase

  • Copy of the document (purchased property document) or sale contract approved by a notary public
  • Valid evaluation report for the asset
  • Original payment receipts from the buyer’s account stamped by the sending bank
  • Two copies of advocacy to the related citizenship application agency, granted to the legal team by investor
  • Translation of a passport into Turkish, approved by a notary public in Turkey for the whole family


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