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Can apply for parents’ citizenship in Turkey?

You know that parents are not included in the beneficiary list of the Turkish citizenship program. You want to know after becoming a citizen via this program, when and how you can apply for citizenship for your parents through family-based immigration.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship through the citizenship program confers to only those who match the requirements set forth in the law. Applicants and their spouses and descendants benefit from the program indirectly. However, the applicant’s parents cannot use the advantage of the program unless they fulfill the conditions in question by themselves. Turkish law does not comprise provisions which confer citizenship to the applicant’s parents directly or indirectly.

There is no regulation for your parents to get citizenship under your citizenship program. Firstly, your parents must apply for the short term residence permit and then they must renew it for five years. Once the naturalization process is completed, you may apply for your parents via a regular citizenship application provided. After five years, they can apply for Turkish citizenship for continuous residence.

There are two ways to get citizenship for them. They need to invest $250.000 for themselves to apply for citizenship by investment. They can buy property for any value and we can apply for a resident permit by property for them. If they stay 5 years with the resident permit, then they can apply for citizenship.

So, You cannot apply for your parents for Turkish citizenship. Only the main applicant, spouse and children under 18 are eligible.

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