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property Buying, a way to get Turkish citizenship

Interest in property in Turkey, especially in the field of real estate investment, has increased significantly in recent years.

Following the amendment of the Turkish Nationality Act for Investors in 2018, the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship to invest in real estate was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250 million.

Turkey’s passport is ranked 39th in the world. This means that the holder of a Turkish passport is allowed to enter 72 countries without the need for a visa.

Recent legal reforms have facilitated greater participation of foreign investors in Turkey for Turkish citizenship. In this way, investors can obtain their citizenship immediately after the transaction.

Ownership in Turkey

According to property figures in Turkey in 2018, Istanbul ranks first with 235,055 apartments sold, which is 17% of total property sales. With 131.116 apartments, Ankara came in second with 9.5% of total sales across Turkey. Izmir with 75,672 apartments and 5.5% is in the third place in the list of best-selling residential apartments.

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