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Opening Corona testing center in Istanbul airport

تست کرونا

The Turkish government has made great strides in fighting the coronavirus.

Turkey which has the world’s largest airport in Istanbul, has announced the opening of a corona virus testing center with the best medical standards for incoming and outgoing passengers to Turkey.

The center has an area of 5,000 square meters and is equipped with all equipment and technologies that allow PCR testing. In this center, first nose and throat tests are performed in special cabins, then the necessary tests are performed to check the presence of the virus in special laboratories located in the building itself, and the results are obtained quickly and are given to passengers without delay.

Providing corona test results in two hours

The director of the Operations Control Center said that the center was established at the request of the Ministries of Health and Tourism and that its services are provided at two different points of the building at the international airport and is capable of performing 40,000 tests daily.

After taking samples and performing the necessary tests in the center’s laboratories, the results will be issued in Turkish and English only after two hours.

Istanbul Airport Corona Test Cost

The cost of the examination is 110 Turkish lira set by the Ministry of Health and the purpose of these services is to help travelers perform the examination quickly and reduce the level of anxiety that may affect them from going to places far from the airport for testing.

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