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Costs for buying a property in Turkey

هزینه های خرید خانه در ترکیه
  1. Title Deeds Transferring Tax

It is between 3% to 4% of the total price. It would be split up between the buyer and the seller.

  1. Broker Commission

It is between 2% – 4% for Second-Hand property and it is 0 for new property

  1. Earthquake Insurance

It is a mandatory insurance which is needed while signing the title deeds. It fee is up to the property size.

  1. Military Checks

This is a formal application which confirmed that the property is not in the military constructed zones. It is for validating the property

  1. Title Deeds Registration fee

It is between 185 TL to 500 TL according to the property size.

  1. Power of attorney Fees

It is the fee for giving the power of attorney to a solicitor and is about 600 TL. By this, the solicitor would be able to sign the title deed on your behalf.

  1. Certification of Habitation fee

If you are the first owner property you should pay this fee which is between 1500 to 2000 TL.

  1. After-sales cost

The Fees you have to pay to register electricity, water and gas in your own name.

They are different and between 1300 to 1500 TL.

  1. Solicitor fee

Having a solicitor is essential during the buying and investing process. The fee of having a solicitor is 1000 EUR.

  1. Appraisal Report Fee

The appraisal report is for checking the value of the property and is mandatory for the transfer the title deed. The total cost for this report is approximately 1000-1500 TL based on the city and property features.

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