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Cheapest Universities in Turkey

Kadir Has University

It was founded in 1997. A key feature of the university is that its main campus in Cibali is a strong preservation site of the Byzantine age of Turkey. the university constitutes of 6 major faculties that oversee the fields of economics, communication, art & design, engineering, management and law. It’s tuition fees start from 15,000 USD.

Izmir Institute of Technology

It was founded in 1992, it is another recent member of the Turkish university network. The university is comprised of 16 academic departments under 3 major faculties. It’s tuition fees start from 2500 USD.

Ege University

It is a high profile research institution. It was founded in 1955, the university is among the oldest of modern higher educational institutions in the country. It was initially established as an institution that provides education in medicine and agricultural studies. It’s tuition fees start from 3000 USD.

Middle East Technical University

The Middle East Technical University is in the capital city of Ankara. It was founded in 1956. It provides degrees of study through 5 faculties and 42 major departments Academically. Nearly 200 programs are offered by the university, and the primary language of instruction in these courses are in English. It’s tuition fees start from 250 USD.


Uskudar University

It is the first specific institution in the country to provide research and education in the fields of behavioral sciences. Founded in 2011. It’s tuition fees start from 3900 USD.

Cankaya University

It is located in the city of Ankara. Established in 1997. Cankaya University operates via 5 main faculties with around 20 academic undergraduate departments. It’s tuition fees start from 4500 USD.

Yasar University

Yasar University was founded in 2001. The academic organization of the university consists of 7 undergraduate faculties. Collectively, around 25 undergraduate degrees are offered by these faculties. It’s tuition fees start from 9500 USD.

Bogazici University

The university was founded in 1863. Bogazici operates through 6 campuses in the major Istanbul area. The main language of instruction in Bogazici university is English. It’s tuition fees start from 500 USD.

Sabanci University

Established in 1994. Sabanci University has been ranked in the top 500 universities in the world and therefore offers a top quality academic experience for a relatively low price as well. It’s tuition fees start from 15000 USD




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