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Turkish Passport Benefits

As the world has become increasingly globalized and travel has become such a popular norm for people, having visa-free access has made it very encouraging for people to travel. Individuals want to transcend the borders and access various business, career, cultural and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale. One country that is making headlines nowadays […]

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The safest neighborhoods to Live in Istanbul

  Cihangir / Beyoğlu Cihangir is a colorful, multicultural neighborhood of Beyoğlu and the most central area you can find. This neighborhood is calmer than the famous Istiklal street, but still lively with tea houses and artisan coffee shops. Moda / Kadıköy Moda is a quiet and artsy neighborhood on the Asian side near Kadıköy.

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مدرسه بین المللی استانبول تکینکوگروپ

The best International School in Istanbul

Ihsan International School This is an American School. Its language of instruction is English. It accepts the students between 3 to 18 years old ages. Also, it has Multi-cultural environment, digital learning, active learning, well equipped campus, reasonable fees and flexible payment structure. Jasmine International Schools It is a private international school in Turkey. Its

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Benefits of Turkish citizenship

  Turkey is a modern country that in recent years has seen unprecedented growth in infrastructure projects to attract foreign investment, including real estate, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors and exports. Turkey’s position in the heart of the world between Asia and Europe has given it unparalleled strategic importance, making it a bridge to meet

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