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The safest neighborhoods to Live in Istanbul


  1. Cihangir / Beyoğlu

Cihangir is a colorful, multicultural neighborhood of Beyoğlu and the most central area you can find. This neighborhood is calmer than the famous Istiklal street, but still lively with tea houses and artisan coffee shops.

  1. Moda / Kadıköy

Moda is a quiet and artsy neighborhood on the Asian side near Kadıköy. This neighborhood is open to every walk of life. The apartments here are more spacious.

  1. Bahariye / Kadıköy

This neighborhood is lively and is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in city life. This is a neighborhood suitable for both singles and families.

  1. Bağdat Caddesi / Kadıköy

There are great parks around, and the coastline is perfect for long walks. You can also find more affordable rental apartments if you move a bit further towards the inner parts of the neighborhood.

  1. Nişantaşı / Şişli

This neighborhood is suitable for both singles and families. It’s enjoyable to walk down its narrow streets lined with lovely old apartments, but parking is a constant problem in the area.


  1. Ortaköy / Beşiktaş

Ortaköy has been a cosmopolitan area. You can use public buses here. Ortaköy offers larger apartments for families, some with communal gardens.

  1. Bebek / Beşiktaş

Public transportation is limited to buses and sparse ferries. The Istanbul International Community School and FARIT, the Friends of the American Research Institute in Turkey, are also nearby.

  1. Etiler / Beşiktaş

It’s a prestigious, high-end district with luxury shopping malls, night clubs, private residences, and luxury apartments. Etiler is a quiet neighborhood suitable for both singles and families.

  1. Kuzguncuk / Üsküdar

Here you can enjoy the Bosporus view and the nice, small cafes and bakeries, and lead a peaceful life. You can rent three-story houses as well as apartments here.

  1. Florya / Bakırköy

If you want to enjoy the coastline, live close to the city but away from its chaos, Florya is perfect for you. You can reach any part of Istanbul using the Metrobus service.



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